March 23, 2007 at 11:04 am (bizzare, feminism, sociology)

I think that we can all agree that the cultural phenomena of misogyny exists. At worst, one could explain it by saying that “women are generally evil and some people understand that they deserve to be scorned”. I don’t have much background in the subject beyond personal anecdotal observations, but from these I would hypothesise that misogyny occurs largely as an inverse function of sexual vulnerability in men. The sexual drive is one of the more powerful attitude shaping drives that men have. Someone made reference in another thread to how difficult it is to rehabilitate a man with a mental disorder that has been enforced by orgasm. For this reason, heterosexual men are in a sense, ‘at the mercy’ of women. It is in a person’s interest to fear and attempt to regulate or control critical and unpredictable elements of their environment. The more women are viewed as foreign, the more unpredictable they appear, the more impetus there is to fear them and attempt to control them. Through a more inclusive view of gender (we’re all different people, but we’re all pretty similar too), don’t we limit the fear, hate, and desire for power that characterise misogyny?

Any alternate theories and/or appropriate empirical data would be welcome.


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Men should develop the feminine side of their natures

March 23, 2007 at 11:02 am (bizzare, feminism)

Split brain experiments by Prof Roger Perry have shown distinct differences of perception between the two hemispheres of the brain. Surgical separations of the cortex have shown that the left brain controls the motor reflexes of the right side of the body and is mentally attracted to analytical perceptions and evaluations of realty. The right brain controls the left side motor reflexes and is more attracted to intuitive perceptions of reality.

Broadly speaking we can say that the left brain deals with the physical or visible aspects of reality, while the right brain is concerned with the metaphysical or emotive aspects of reality. In practice one half of our psyche demands hard evidence in order to determine action and the other half tends to rely more on intuitive “hunches” and feelings to guide action..

Obviously we are all a mix of both halves of the psyche, but generally speaking, males are predominantly left brain/analytically oriented and attracted to mechanics. Females are more right brain/intuitively oriented and attracted to the arts.

This is not s to say that males cannot be more intuitive than they generally are or females become more analytically orientated. With conscious effort and plenty of practice both male and female can evoke the less actives side of their brain and end up more holistically balanced in their approach to life.

For instance, men who practice right brain drills and exercises have found to their surprise that they can evoke stronger nurturing feelings for their children and deeper insights into their wives psyches than previously. (Of course many men have discovered their female/artistic side naturally, without the need to take extra exercises)

Women are generally more conscious than men of the dual nature of the psyche, for they have endless opportunities in dealing with the practical aspects of everyday life, not including their schooling years, exercising their analytical half. But they too, with more practice can become more mechanically orientated and more balanced than they already are.

I personally have been practicing right brain drills and exercises for the past thirty years, and have developed a dual brain educational course for children. If there is any interest in this subject, I will be happy to describe some of the surprising results and explain some of the more effective exercises that can help in furthering dual brain development.


As right brain drills end up with subjective results with no two indiviuals expeiencing exatly the same reactions, I can only describe my own. There has been objection from this administration in giving personal takes on any subject. This objection needs to be clarified should there be interest in more information.

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Sexual promiscuity and double standard

March 21, 2007 at 2:24 pm (ethics, feminism, sex)

It’s quite common for society to view women who sleep around less favourably than men who sleep around. It might even be taken to the extreme where the promiscuous woman is frowned upon and the promiscuous man is cheered.

Even as I write this, I feel compelled to say that I am not promiscuous. So even I do not wish to be judged this way.

I recently read The Double Standard by Donald Symons in which he discusses why this is the case:

The male desire for sexual variety may also pay off reproductively if it results in obtaining additional wives, especially young wives, and the strength of the sexual desire for young women may vary with male age. It seems likely that throughout human history in early middle age married men often became able to obtain and to support an additional wife or wives, and hence the sexual desire for young women would be especially adaptive at this age.

As a man never can be certain of paternity, a cuckold risks investing in the offspring of, and having his wife’s reproductive efforts tied up by, a reproductive competitor; as a woman always is certain of maternity, and as her husband’s adultery does not diminish his capacity to inseminate her, a wife may risk little if her husband engages in extramarital sex.

From an evolutionary perspective, however, a wife’s most important sexual attribute by far is fidelity, and this male tendency is less paradoxical

What does everyone else think?

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Pretty Girls

March 21, 2007 at 2:23 pm (feminism)

This is a special one for Mr. Stephane Sednaoui.

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To my fans II

March 7, 2007 at 8:50 pm (bizzare, ethics, feminism, general philosophy, Interzis minorilor, literature, philosophy of the arts, politics/law/economy, Rasfrangeri, Raspunsuri, sex, Uncategorized)

I’m not gonna say this twice. This is a blog ment to allow you to express yourself. My posts are not relevant in what concerns MY personality, MY lifestyle, and MY beliefs. Do not, under any circumstance, equalise my posts with ME. And stop sending e-mail on my adress, unless you have something to say. Something relevant, I may add.

Thank you for your cooperation. Tschus!

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To my fans

March 5, 2007 at 8:01 pm (bizzare, ethics, feminism, general philosophy, Interzis minorilor, literature, philosophy of the arts, politics/law/economy, Rasfrangeri, Raspunsuri, sex, Uncategorized)

As you can see, i am a very, very, very understanding and patient laddie. I am not banning your comments although what you are posting is neither interesting, nor well written, not even original. however, if you will continue to write in this manner, i will delete every comment that doesn’t rise to my expectations. After all, this is not a “my sexual fantasy” forum.
Thank you, Sonia Rott.

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March 3, 2007 at 1:08 pm (feminism)

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Why do women want a career?

February 20, 2007 at 4:23 pm (feminism)

so what is the purpose of being alive, making 300-400k a year? what are you doing to do with all of that money? i think society has suggested high paying careers and having lots of money and toys to be the purpose of life; it’s like a race to die with the most stuff. guys, studies show that levels of happiness between somebody who makes 50k/yr and somebody who makes more than 100k/yea don’t differ much, except that the higher “are barely happier than others in moment-to-moment experience, tend to be more tense, and do not spend more time in particularly enjoyable activities.” girls, studies show that women who work outside the home and are married tend to be less happy both with life and their marriage. plus, couples are putting off having kids for so long that when they want them it’s often close to impossible to get pregnant.

i’m just saying, focusing a life on earning lots of money doesn’t mean you’ll have the happiest life possible; not everything worth having has a price tag with dollar signs on it.

i’m not trying to make a point or make a political statement. i’m sincerely wondering, what compels a female professional school student to pursue a career?


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