The virgin

June 16, 2007 at 4:10 pm (Uncategorized)

I have no idea what to ask you to write about, so just write whatever you want.



  1. dan020350 said,

    I , a virgin who is 23 yrs old age, is having a conflict between the desire of my mind and my body, and the fear what people may say of me.
    But out of shamelessness I shall make a say, for you to hear my problem of being a virgin and my idea of being a virgin.

    MY mind or is it my body, desires sex , yet the teachings of philosophy, virtue, and religion prevents me of doing so. While, my friend argues it is okay, if you have control.

    To me he has no control of his desires.

    I have ask this questions in numerous forms, yet I recieve ridculous replys. Masturbation or self love, is a way to conquer this desire, but once your body recovers it goes back to that stage again. I know I will never find a solution to this epidemic because all of you never experience how is it like to be a virgin, when you are enlighten.

    ” It would have been better, if you have never been baptised because you will comit a worse crime before you were baptise” , said Jesus

    ” Those who have not found life, is not endanger of dying, but does who has found life is endanger of dying” said JEsus
    “dan020350- Sometimes I think the childlike innocence of his questions does more to draw out ideas we don’t know we have than a hundred scholarly essays would! Truly he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. Sometimes I have no damn idea what he’s talking about, and suspect he doesn’t either, but I’m surprised by how often it ends up making sense. “Phaedrus, forum member


    “Only the pure deserves merit. But this merit is hardly obtainable”

  2. jack said,


    Sex is bad and non-philosophical.


    The data is untrue because it ignores many ideas that promote healthy enjoyment.


    Having sex with someone that you love helps develop self knowledge and the knowledge of another, thus those that avoid it end up knowing less about existence. It is likely that this is known by avoiders and is fear based.


    Death travels on a swift horse.

  3. natalie said,


    Consider the prospect of a relationship. Worry not over the idea of virginity another moment. Your body is yours – if you don’t want to do it, don’t. But when you think about it, isn’t masturbation a form of sexuality? Isn’t lusting after what you don’t have and dreaming her up under your covers even more of a problem with the church? I don’t know – I was asking you, not judging you about it.

    It is like the young woman who does everything but with many guys but is a virgin because she has never consumated it. Is she a virgin? I think you should concentrate on personal growth and finding someone to have a relationship with… if it leads you to intimacy it is not a bad thing, but a natural thing.

    Are you more worried about your upbringing or that Jesus might not forgive you for it? Sex isn’t dirty. In my view you can remain a virtuous, sexual person – you don’t have to be a whore about it, Dan.

  4. the crooner said,

    Your problem is not of the body, but of the mind. It is your mind that is in conflict — because you worry and think about something you have no knowledge of, no experience of. Your body is more intellegent than you give it credit for…

  5. ok computer said,

    Is it the frustration that all of your peers have had sex and you haven’t, and that their lives have appeared to change for the better because of it?

    I have a friend who (when he was sixteen (we are the same age)) went on a family vacation to Cancun and came back unvirgin, and since then he has been loving life and loving many ladies. Before he went on vacation he was depressive and lazy (like me).

    Which, to me, makes unsense because we have had about the same amount of girlfriends growing up. Unfortuneately, all of my girlfriends were enslaved by the Christian ideal that they must wait until they are married before they have sex. I myself have been in the same dilemma as you have, Dan

  6. duder said,

    Know yourself. Sex is sort of a contract, for me at least. I can’t go out and have sex with lots of women. I CAN but if they go out and have sex with other guys, then there’s shit going to go down. I’m a jealous man. I can’t help it, so I restrict myself to sex only while in a relationship.

    Physically there’s nothing wrong with sex. But like I’ve heard it put before: Life is a sexually transmited disease. Wrap it up. Save a life, yours. Child support is a bitch.

  7. chuck said,

    dan, you need to start from the bottom… work your way up. i can tell your case is complicated… lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta interested parties, lotta what-have-yous…
    what i mean by start from the bottom is go for a rock bottom girl that is absolutely butts ugly, a face only a drunken 23 year old horn dog could fake-love… you know what i’m saying?… a girl that fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch… start with her… fucking make a move like ‘do you have the time?’, and close a sentence later with ‘come back to my place, it’ll be fun’ …fucking, get some confidence, and work your way up the pretty ladder. you’ll be fine. and when you’re in a rut.. (and i often find myself in a rut) you just have to start from the bottom rung again… climb that ladder yom sayin. thats all i have. good luck.

  8. the boss said,

    maaaaaaaaan! you really answer to all these nonsense? ms rott, do something about this blog, it’s starting to became depressing.

  9. willie baker said,

    what’s your problem, ms minogue? didn’t you have questions related to losing your virginity?

  10. the boss said,

    nope. as a matter of fact i knew exactely when, why, where and with whom . but the again i guess i do not fit th eprofile of your average disturbed blogger.

  11. the boss said,

    you know what’s actually bothering me? the fact that we actually talk about these things in these terms. the philosophy of sexuality. there’s no such thing, people! wake up! there is no philosophy of sex. no! no! no! sex is an instinctual thing, just like love, hate, fear, hunger. and there is nothing extremely deep about any of these things, as strange as it may seem. you don’t explain them, you don’t argue about them in philosophical terms, you so not quote socrates, platon, kant or heidegger. you just feel them and obey them. and learn to do JUST that.

  12. soniarott said,

    i’ll have to agree with ms minogue here.

  13. soniarott said,

    however, i think we’re making a bit of a progress, don’t you reckon? at least we aren’t talking about my boyfriends genitals anymore… 😉

  14. willie baker said,

    yup. i reckon. however, as debatable as it may seem to be at a first glance, your boyfriends genitals are attracting their very own audiance on this forum and not only. believe me, you do not want to know what girls say when he’s working with us.

  15. soniarott said,

    i do not like surprises in what concerns this matter, so please, willie, do not offer me any more info.

  16. willie baker said,

    i must say i love the title of your previous post. it’s marvelous. simply brilliant. as i’m sitting in my office chamber, struggling to reconnect some wires so as to procede with the fresh designs for our 2008 tour, my mind became a battle field of ideas. how about : “i just drowned my 2 years-year-old-down-syndrome-sick-conjoined children in the toilet”, “i lost my virginity using a pneumatic decompressor”, or even better! why don’t you create a bet on gottabet? smething like…i bet i can gather more freaks on the same site than!
    it’s fun, but it’s getting out of hand. and they told me i was a freak of nature, cos i have a neat manicure!

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