March 6, 2007 at 4:18 pm (sex)

For sure, it’s a biological function, but is it art?
Someone’s gonna mention porn…



  1. axis said,

    it could be seen as a ‘work in progress’ in an artistic sense.
    psychologically, the human body is seen as art, when admired for its beauty.
    since sex is the active entwining, or union, of two human works of art, my first point about the work in progress should hold – there is never a completion of the ‘work’ of sex, only a postponement until the next time.

    other human movement, eg dance, is art.

    the individuality of expression in the way we look at others – that could also be art.

    you’ve raised an interesting point – sexual activity does require an individual expression of passion, desire, love, understanding etc. the key word is expression – no two humans will ‘position’ themselves exactly the same in relation to their partner during sex.

    so, yes, i think it is possible to view sex as art.

  2. distort said,

    What is art?

    Art is subjectivity.

    Subjectivity is anything.

    Anything includes sex.

    Sex is art.

  3. cirrian santos said,

    My ass is art then
    Art requires skill. I hate this heat wave of ugly modern art. It smell like a bad fart and wont go away!

  4. distort said,

    Thank you for proving my point.

    You inadvertently did such a nice job of it. Art is subjective – YOU don’t like this ‘heat wave of ugly modern art’ – some people do.

    So is sex art then… to you?

    Only you can decide.

    My point wasn’t that anything is objectively ‘art’ – to you, and to me as well, your ass is certainly not art. My point was that art itself is subjective – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Period.

  5. dannii said,

    no…sex is not art…sex is sex/intercourse to exchange DNA material.

  6. vaillant said,

    The ambiguity might offend some, but ?in a way? I wonder whether nearly everything that can be approached via a scientific method can also be approached via an artistic method, and vice versa. An objection might be that words used so generally would become interchangeably meaningless. But, I am not so sure.

    Can approaches meaningfully be different, yet remain as two sides of one coin? If nothing else, it seems to make a difference in the way I appreciate a series of events depending upon whether my purpose is to think about what is connoted by art versus what is connoted by science.

    A police authority might view films from cameras installed at signalized intersections for practical purposes, for mailing out tickets to red light violators. A traffic engineer might study such film to look for scientific patterns, to think about how to improve safety. A Hollywood director, on the other hand, might want to incorporate some particularly vivid shots into an artistic film, especially if what led to the running of a red light was some kind of sexual activity among those in the front seats.

  7. frequently misspelled words said,

    Is sex art? I really don’t see how it could be. But then again I guess some people would consider farting an art as well. To each his own, but to me sex isn’t art.

  8. kaya said,

    I don’t know, as I have heard some spectacular stories about whales. And, if Nihilistic Loco wrote about it, I am quite sure it would be art. But farting, well, that would only be art if it were synchronized with pushpin.

  9. the crooner said,

    ever read the karma sutra’s? Id say it takes skill and a good backbone to do so.

  10. colleptic said,

    I sound like a repeating record, basically if you read my posts from, ?is there an art in war?, in entirety, equate them to sex, you have my answer. Nonetheless, I will elaborate a bit here.

    Sex itself is not art, nor are the skills required to have good sex prerequisites to make it art. Above a poster equated subjectivity to art, but did not quite hit the nail on the head. Only the artists, teachers, historians, dilettantes etc are subjective. The ever-evolving idea that is art is objective, due to the history already created within the realm of art. Art requires more than skill and creativity, it requires inquisitiveness in the idea that surrounds what is being presented as art. In some cases the idea(s) is quite obvious, but in other cases the audience must dig around a bit.

    So, regarding the act of sex, it only becomes art when it is used in such away that it can be intrinsically linked to the ever-evolving idea that is art. When it is turned into a performance in a gallery, theatre, or in front of an audience, it begins to take on the role of art. Whether it is commenting on the act of sex itself, the sexuality in the history of art, our porno society, or some other idea, it must create an idea outside of its own act before it can be linked to art in anyway. Otherwise, as I have stated in the war and art thread, it just becomes the raped ?the art of [insert skill/thing here]?.

  11. colleptic said,

    i think in depends on who is havong sex. like it depends on who is the author of a painting, for example.
    if i saw kylie having sex with her ex-beau, i bet i would find i artistic. the same with miss rott here and her hunky fucktoy. then again, i dont’t know if i would enjoy the same scene with britney spears, celine dion or anna wintour…
    god help us!!!

  12. raffa said,


  13. raffa said,

    i would like to get a taste of ms kylie minogue’s. since she’s alone now, she needs someone to warm her up. i could turn her little cherry pie right into jam.

  14. tantrum said,

    i wanna lick her

  15. champ said,

    the boss is gonna fing you perverts and she’s gonna make you pay. the saints are coming!

  16. soniarott said,

    sorry to interfere, but i have a feeling we are furthering away from the initial idea. don’t you lads agree?

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