February 26, 2007 at 2:31 pm (literature)



  1. teuton said,

    prose? what the fuck? here’s some prose.
    I want to pound some bitch hard in the ass and then make another one clean my cock repeatedly and then swithc and repeat. Finally as I’m ready to cum I blow my load deep in her asshole.

    Then as the one with my cum dripping out of her asshole squats over the other gal’s mouth feeding her my cum I force her to again clean her ass juices off my cock and once I’m in her mouth I want to let loose with a good hard piss.

  2. craddlle said,

    you can pound my ass hard all night long. just don’t take a piss in it.

  3. steven said,

    This may be an unusual complaint (or maybe not so much complaint as an observation) but sometimes when I’m really into it I feel like I’d like to be going down on my wife for much longer than she likes (or longer then she can take). After 10 ten minutes or so she usually cums 2 or 3 times and says she’s too sensitive and wants us to move on to doing something else. Meanwhile, there are times I’d be into doing it for an hour or more.

    I sometimes try taking it very slow and gentle, but that doesn’t really change things.

    My impression is that most women wanted their guys to do it longer than their guy wanted to – maybe we just have it backwards?

  4. jack said,

    My SO cums from oral in 10 mins but she gets senstive too after she cums but is fine for penatration afterward so it works great. First cum from oral then move on to intercourse

  5. spit said,

    A couple of woman have described to me that they just can’t do too much clitoral orgasm. I try to stretch it out best I can but usually after 1-2 mins of cumming she says enough. It’s a beautiful thing to see so I do want it to go on longer too.

    I’ve fooled around with trying intercourse before oral and most woman want it the other way around because they love the different sensation of penatration after they’ve cum.

    Oh one thing you can try is to stop and restart. I lightly rest my palm over her vagina after she is done cumming enough and she just goes into a low simmer lightly shaking and trembling as she rides it out longer. Sometimes after a minute you can go back with the tongue and she’ll cum again very quicky.

  6. grabber said,

    I always like to make the Lady cum and cum as many times as
    But I stop after the first orgasm, but for just a few seconds
    then I like to put my hand on Her mons or ass and very lightly
    work my way back to her pussy and slowly build the
    momentum back up, I can do this 3-5 times then my
    wife will go into a continious orgasm that has lasted
    as long as 15 minutes, But when She does that She
    is good for fucking but not to hard as She is spent.

  7. kell said,

    I’ve had about a hundred lovers, give or take, and the majority could go onto second and third orgasms after a medium break of about a minute or so. Some you could keep going with just a minor adjustment in pressure, and some you just had to stop, they came once in a session and that was it. One girl was so sensitive we couldn’t have intercourse for a few minutes after she came because my cock pulling her labia would be too uncomfortable.

    So most women are capable of multiples, but many are quite different, and we just need to learn the differences.

    My SO is very quick to orgasm, like about three or four minutes, and she’s ready again about a minute later. But she can only take about two or three orgasms, then it is too much for her. This is very much like your wife.

  8. kell said,

    after he cums in you how long does it take for it to start leaking out and how do you clean it up? for karra, that is

  9. karra said,

    It starts leaking more or less immediately. I usually wipe up with a tissue and then do to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and push the rest of it out.

  10. kell said,

    How long does it take to get finished on the toilet? Any show up latter on?

  11. karra said,

    it takes 72 hours for your body to completely dispense with it.

  12. karra said,

    About as long as it takes to go pee (a few seconds). Sometimes some more might dribble out later on.

  13. karra said,

    My wife has told me that it all comes back out when a woman is sitting while she pees.I also have been told that a after a man has cum inside of a woman it all doesn’t come back out right then after he has cum in her,that the remain of it comes out later in her panties or whatever she might have on during that time and it can take up to a couple days before it all comes out of her.Now that I think about it.I remember reading it somewhere where it talked about that after a man has ejaculated inside of a woman that some of it starts coming back out immeditely after the man pulls out of her and she stands up and that it takes a couple of days for it all to finish coming out of her.Also I read where it said that whatever doesn’t come out of her that it will be obsolved in her body inside of her.

  14. sharan said,

    It does not happen all the time, but some having an orgasm makes my wife cry. Why? She does not seem to be able to tell me. She says it’s a good cry

  15. craddlle said,

    I have come close to crying on perhaps one or two occassions. I attributed it to the overwhelming feeling – emotional, physical, extra-terrestrial ()

    I mean, there’s only so much a person can take, before something has to explode. Crying is a means to release all that emotional overflow, i assume. This is just my opinion, cuz I truly have no idea the real reason.

  16. doom said,

    I cry most times….

    Maybe its cos I am a very emotional and sensual woman who finds it easy to channel my feelings through tears and laughter…

    I would take it as a compliment…she obviously feels very at ease with you…

    And you have moved her..

  17. the ban said,

    It usually happens to me after multiples. It just gets too intense. If i’m crying I’m usually shaking and shuddering, off in the corner of the bed saying “don’t touch me, I just need a minute…”

  18. carmen said,

    I cried once, and my fiance seemed a little taken aback. He thought he had hurt me. Lol. I was just looking in his eyes, and he kissed me and I couldn’t help it. I am very emotional,and I love my fiance. Crying during a time of happiness is a way to deal with joy so great, it can’t be expressed in any traditional manner.

  19. Jamy said,

    My wife sais Im the biggest and the best… Is she just saying that, or does she mean it???

  20. DON said,

    Shes Probably Just Saying it

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